Khadra is a start-up holding based in Dubai and a collection of 6 companies whose mission is to find simple, innovative and sustainable solutions for problems and opportunities in the fields of Tourism, Transportation, Fintech, Blockchain, FMCG, Hydroponics, Real estate and Sales Agency.

Work in al-Khadra

Khadra has targeted a fractal ecosystem. Whatever the parts are, the whole is the same. Khadra is somewhat regular, hardworking, finishing, innovative, simple-minded, and young. The components should be the same.

Sales Agency

Join us in shattering barriers to luxury. We’re bringing top-quality brands and products closer to you. Experience luxury without boundaries. Our goal? Making premium, authentic products accessible to everyone, turning luxury dreams into a reality for all.


We focus on two issues. Enriching the travel experience for travelers and uniting travel service providers. Travel is more than plane tickets, hotels and restaurants. Explorer or visitor, that’s the problem.

In addition, an important part of the travel expenses is related to the insular structure of the service providers. You can think of bridges or you can stick islands together.

Transportation / Commuting

We try to create a new and interesting experience, even if it is short, instead of moving from A to B.

Even 10 minutes is important, whether by subway, taxi or air taxi.


Foreign travelers always struggle with currency conversion. The existing solutions are mostly developed on the basis of international trade issues. They are not suitable for travelers, in a short period of time and for low amounts.


Crypto for crypto! Crypto has yet to enter the mainstream economy. Blockchain is a unique technology that has a product and marketing problem.

On the one hand, it has a very big competitor and obstacle, a centralized economy, and on the other hand, it does not have popular products and services to handle daily transactions and valuations.

FMCG / Distribution

It is always interesting to us. Distribution is a big issue. An important part of the cost and price of goods is related to distribution. Smooth gears are required, or gear lubricant.

Hydroponics / Vertical farming

Two things are our mission. Home farming on Earth and food production on Mars. Vertical farming and hydroponics has made it possible to produce a significant portion of food at home. The most important benefit of this work is to preserve the land. Current agriculture has destroyed more than half of the forests. For Mars and the Moon, a special type of hydroponic equipment is required to overcome the limitations.

Real estate / Lands

Why not?! Private ownership is important. Whether on the ground or anywhere else. It is also a good investment. A counterweight for wealth protection. He has passed his test throughout history.

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